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A Moment with a Myth

Here’s a moment with Jamie Smith talking about a cultural reality worth thinking about (and responding to).

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Deja Nu, Deja Vu?

Five years ago, I found myself in a position where I was a church member without a pastor and a school teacher (at a Christian school) without a campus minister.  In both instances, I was able to step in and … Continue reading

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Easter Monday

This New York Times piece by Tish Harrison Warren brings a number of really good threads together while reflecting on the reality of Easter.  It might be pay-walled, so let me know if you want me to send you a … Continue reading

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On Ash Wednesday

Today was Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the season of Lent for many Christians around the world.  I’m not much of a Lent person, for reasons I’ll get to at some point during this season.  But I appreciate the general … Continue reading

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Halfway Through

About fifty days ago, I started a journey that I had thought about for some time but ever gotten around to: I started reading Dante’s Divine Comedy.  I did it because one of my favorite newsletter-writers, Matthew Lee Anderson, promoted … Continue reading

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Last Chance to Breathe?

For those keeping up, yesterday’s Covid test came back negative.  So yesterday afternoon included a basketball game and time with the neighbors.  But today?  That’s the million-dollar, end-of-vacation question. This semester will be an ending of sorts, mostly by choice.  … Continue reading

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Time’s Fullness

One of the best essays that I read this year was this one by Paul Kingsnorth.   It stands well on its own, even as it also serves as a necessary coda to his most recent (and wonderfully written) book, Savage … Continue reading

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One Season Ends, Then It Begins

And so the season of Advent comes to a close.  A few comic strips and a link to mark the occasion.  First, a classic Peanuts by Charles Schulz that exemplifies Lucy wonderfully. There have been two “Christmas” Frazz strips this … Continue reading

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“I Will Find a Way”

It’s almost Christmas, so it’s time to repost one of my favorite Christmas songs.  It’s an odd one, more difficult than most Christmas songs.  Gullahorn explains a bit of the song’s origin here.  Whatever else it is, it is a … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: A Splash in the Face

Charles Schulz’s “hand puppet theater” strips are always an interesting thread in the Peanuts run.  This Sunday’s classic Peanuts had a nice, simple joke worth sharing. My chapel talk this week is about the Biblical Story.  It’s a common refrain … Continue reading

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