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A Hope Beyond Renewal?

Yesterday I mentioned some of the ingredients in my “summer stew.”  As always, a good bit of reading and reflection.  My routines will keep me in good contact with the people around me, too, which is vital for me.  All … Continue reading

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Summer Stew

On some level, the transition from school year to summer-time is an opportunity to trade out one set of concerns for another.  Time works a particular way during the school year: the days are packed with routines and habits that … Continue reading

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Unwinding, Not Unraveling

And so the school year comes to an end.  Today is the first full day of summer vacation.  And while I have to go in for a couple of hours (or at least should), it’s nice to be done with … Continue reading

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Tolkien, Myth, and Reality

Last night I had the opportunity to catch an early showing of the new Tolkien biopic.  I’d known about the showing for a while, but wasn’t sure I would make the early showing, even though it had a 30-minute interview … Continue reading

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Easter Sunday’s Best

Upon finding this song by Rick Elias that was on Rich Mullins’s The Jesus Record, I discovered that Elias had recently died from cancer.  Elias was a founding member of the Ragamuffin Band, which played with Mullins often.  The comment … Continue reading

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“I’ve Got a Feeling”

In the spring of 1921, some eight years before his conversion to Christianity, C. S. Lewis said this about death: I have seen death fairly often and never yet been able to find it anything but extraordinary and rather incredible. … Continue reading

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The Lonely Pilgrim’s Regress

One of the best parts of C. S. Lewis’s The Pilgrim’s Regress is the afterword to the book’s third edition.  The book, the first Lewis wrote after his conversion to Christianity, is a fantastical retelling of his journey to the … Continue reading

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