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The Three Movements of This Summer

Today marks the beginning of the “third movement” of summer 2022 for me.  My summer officially started after our commencement service back in the first weekend of June.  From there, the summer divided itself neatly into three movements.  The first … Continue reading

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Out to Pasture

This short and recent piece by Alan Jacobs is about conservatism, but I can’t help but think it’s also true about so much more (like church or education).  It’s an interesting slant on ancient imagery about sheep, shepherds, and sheepdogs. … Continue reading

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Checking In

These first couple of weeks of summer vacation have been a little twisty.  Good, but twisty. It’s taken some time for me to get used to the sun rising so early and setting so late.  It’s almost like I’ve not … Continue reading

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Adding a Category

A few days ago I mentioned “two weeks, two months” as a kind of framework for my summer.  Two weeks for the school year to officially wrap.  And then, with some overlap, two months before the next school year starts. … Continue reading

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