Adding a Category

A few days ago I mentioned “two weeks, two months” as a kind of framework for my summer.  Two weeks for the school year to officially wrap.  And then, with some overlap, two months before the next school year starts.  And I might have mentioned the significance of the summer break, because the last five years I’ve been in an “temporary vocational stretch” that, along with Covidtide, has been a real challenge for me.  That’s probably true on multiple levels and in ways that transcend the classroom.

So I’m adding a new category for posts.  Most of my categories are general topics like “books” or “comics” or “movies.”  The “notes for a world’s end” category was primarily about Covid and events from the last few years.  There’s also “the long story,” which is for posts that reach back into personal history some.  For the summer I’ll be adding “recovery journal” as a category.  I know it sounds therapeutic, but that’s part of the point.  Early on in my “temporary vocational stretch,” I used the images of equilibrium and (de)stabilization for what was going on, that things had gotten more complicated and therefore less stable.  I’m hoping to recover some of that stability. And that’s going to be some work for me.  It’s part of why I’m imposing a “no work for the summer” rule.  There are some things that I need to recover (or rediscover) that I can’t do if work is “first and foremost.”  It doesn’t mean I won’t think about work: I’m grateful that I have work that lines up with and springs up from my heart and mind.  But, and here’s something I need to recover, I need to approach those things from the right direction.

So this is more of a book-keeping entry than anything else.

I will say, briefly, that I saw Top Gun: Maverick today.  I know the first movie mostly by osmosis, from growing up around it.  So I was probably a little more disinterested in the movie that others that I see on opening weekend.  Having said that, the movie was really good.  I saw it at the RPX, which is one step down from IMAX (which is fine with me).  The sound was amazing.  The shots were amazing.  And even with my disinterest, I was totally sucked in by the end.  Maybe it was the music.  Definitely a “see it in the theater if you can” movie.

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