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One Season Ends, Then It Begins

And so the season of Advent comes to a close.  A few comic strips and a link to mark the occasion.  First, a classic Peanuts by Charles Schulz that exemplifies Lucy wonderfully. There have been two “Christmas” Frazz strips this … Continue reading

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Screwtape and the Spiritual Life

I’ve been on a C. S. Lewis kick these last couple of months.  It started with finally getting around to reading his Reflections on the Psalms.  Definitely not the book I thought it would be, but brilliant nonetheless.  Then I … Continue reading

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The Times of Your Life

Yesterday was “Christ the King” Sunday in many churches across the world (though many other churches across America probably celebrated Thanksgiving early instead).  As I understand it, the day is a comparatively recent addition to the liturgical calendar.  The Sunday … Continue reading

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“A Truer, Better Anxiety”

Yesterday marked the beginning of the second week of Advent.  Different churches mark the weeks differently, some leaning into themes like hope and love but in different orders, others revisiting key moments in the biblical story.  I like the approach … Continue reading

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How You Remind Me

We’re a few days into the Advent season.   I think maybe it’s my favorite season of the church calendar, as it’s a kind of mellow, reflective time that looks forward to something amazing breaking into history not once but twice.  … Continue reading

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Advent Waiting, Christmas Celebrating

And just like that the Advent season comes to an end.  It was a good and challenging Advent season for me.  We spent the weeks between Thanksgiving and exams thinking about Advent in chapel.  My guide through much of that … Continue reading

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The Thread of Imagination

In yesterday’s post I mentioned some words and phrases that I’d been mulling over a little bit but hoped to mull over more this holiday weekend.  I think I’d like to start with the thread of imagination. Somewhere along the … Continue reading

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Technology and the Season

Yesterday I mentioned reading C. S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity as one of the “practices” that I’m putting in place for the Advent season.  Suggestions for times like these usually involve both adding and removing from the routine to help set … Continue reading

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Running the Halls (or: revisiting Mere Christianity)

One of the few practices I’m trying out over the Advent season is the (re)reading of a book.  Because the season last just over three weeks, I thought it was a decent amount of time to do a slow reread … Continue reading

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Advent and the Clash of Calendars

Today marks the beginning of the Advent season which, in turn, marks the beginning of what is known as the church calendar.  That church calendar is not much of a Baptist thing, is something kept and nurtured by more liturgical … Continue reading

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