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“Distill, and Know That I am God”

Let’s start with this recent classic Calvin and Hobbes strip recently posted to gocomics.com: I’m about to board a plane that will take me to a place I’ve never been that’s also a place where there’s a lot of nothing … Continue reading

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A Matter of Formation

It’s both interesting and sobering to see how the roles of faith and Scripture are being shaped and perhaps recast in our contemporary moment.  Yesterday’s online conversation was dominated by the meaning of Romans 13 as it relates to government … Continue reading

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“Hope in the Disastrous World of Time”

It’s always good to find writers you appreciate writing well about the stories you love.  Even though I can’t yet bring myself to reread the Harry Potter series, I always enjoy reading things about the story of “the boy who … Continue reading

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Unclosed Loop: How to Think

The floor of my digital mind is littered with reflections that didn’t make it to this site.  At the end of December, I started titling a handful of entries with the phrase “Unclosed Loop.”  It’s a reference to something I … Continue reading

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About Thinking

This morning I started my my quick second-reading of Alan Jacobs’s recent release, How to Think.  Over the last two years, Jacobs’ voice has become one that I both enjoy and heed.  While he doesn’t blog as much as I … Continue reading

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Class in Session: In a Digital Age

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite authors posted the syllabus to “Living and Thinking in a Digital Age,” the honors course he would be teaching this fall semester.  Beyond that, he posted links and DropBox-copies for most of … Continue reading

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Two Things for the Toolbox

Yesterday I reflected some on a recent article by Alan Jacobs about “dropping clues in our technological society.”  I linked to the article in the hopes that you would take note of the last thing that Jacobs suggests as a … Continue reading

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