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Sunday’s Best: Smaug Theory

Today’s FoxTrot by Bill Amend hits just the right notes.   (image from

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What We’re Looking For

Today’s been a doozy of a day.  In a good way, mind you, but a doozy nonetheless. I’m going to place this video right here for now.  I’ve not watched it yet because I’m three chapters into the book.  It’s … Continue reading

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Life That Won’t Stream

I’m eagerly awaiting a couple of books in the mail this week.  One is the latest Rivers of London novel by Ben Aaronovich.  The other is The Life We’re Looking For by Andy Crouch.  Crouch was indispensable for me at … Continue reading

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100 Days of Dante Done

This weekend I finished one book twice. A few months ago I committed to reading Dante’s Divine Comedy along with others in a “program” sponsored by the Baylor Honors College.  Three cantos a week, so about 12 a month.  Good … Continue reading

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Today in (Middle Earth) History

I’ll just leave these two clips from The Return of the King here to mark the events of the day in Middle Earth History . . .

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Airplane Reading

My airplane reading for this trip was G. K. Chesterton’s Napoleon of Notting Hill.  The book’s been on may shelf for a couple of years.  I was looking for something on the shorter side, and I wanted it to either … Continue reading

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The third phase of my spring break travel came to a close yesterday.  The final stop was Snoqualmie Pass, a ski resort area east of Seattle.  We drove up Sunday afternoon.  The drive was snowy and wet, which made for … Continue reading

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The second phase of my spring break journey came to a close Sunday.  Bellingham was the heart of the trip, as it included a wedding.  The drive from Anacortes to Bellingham was quick.  I even took Highway 11 instead of … Continue reading

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Rings in the New Age

It’s been some time since Amazon first announced their plans to adapt the stories by Tolkien that preceded the age of hobbits and the One Ring.  This past Sunday, they finally released a teaser trailer for the September-premiering The Rings … Continue reading

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A Tale of Time

I’m about 30 pages into Chuck Klosterman’s The Nineties.  Klosterman is one of my favorite non-fiction writers, especially when it comes to American pop culture.  The book looks to be a 300-page dissection of what it was like to live … Continue reading

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