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Christmas Sing-Along with Shirley

I wish I had spent more time recently revisiting some of the “Christmas” episodes of some of my favorite shows.  I did watch the first Christmas episode of The Office before flying out for the holidays.  Early Michael Scott . … Continue reading

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Fall Retreat and Advance

I have to admit, this quick Canadian getaway has been enjoyable.  I’d like to think of it as both a retreat and advance: looking back and moving forward.  It’s been a good opportunity to enjoy a beautiful place while still … Continue reading

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It’s been a long day of travel, walking, and eating.  Here’s a quick picture of one of my favorite places in Victoria: Russell’s Books.  And I only bought two books today. And this isn’t even my favorite section of the … Continue reading

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Peppermint Patty and Affirmation

This past week at camp, we encouraged our senior class to get into the habit of encouraging one another (“all the more as you see graduation day approaching”).  Which is something that this recent (classic) Peanuts strip gets right in … Continue reading

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The Roundabout on British Tea Time

Today I had a brief moment of disbelief when I realized that I was just in England and Scotland a few short weeks ago (just this month!).  Jef Mallett’s Frazz has had British afternoon tea as a running gag for the … Continue reading

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Edinburgh by Castle

Best pic from our last day in Scotland? Maybe so.

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Sunset over England

This morning we said goodbye to England.  This afternoon we said hello to Scotland.  Here’s a panoramic picture of our hotel in the Lake District: the Whoop Hall Inn.  It was great being back there.  This time included a stroll … Continue reading

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