“Too Wise to Woo Peaceably”

This popped up on my YouTube screen this evening and thought it worth sharing, really apropos of nothing other than it is good to see these two together again.  Plus: Shakespeare.  Brilliant Benedick and Beatrice.

The week has been a full one.  A good one, but a full one nonetheless.  We were able to do a kind of day-camp with our sophomores yesterday in place of their usual weekend camp.  It went well, I think.  And now we are all ready for a slightly longer weekend.  Just need to get through Friday first.

It is interesting to think about how busy weeks move you: not just through time but also through a certain amount of headspace.  On one level, you turn down some of the interior monologue as a way of plowing through the day.  On another level, though, that monologue continues (and can be of great help).  In the past, I’ve found myself planning for the future in the midst of the current moment (that’s almost always been true of school events for me).  That’s definitely been at play this last week, though not with the edge that it often has during busy times.  Truth be told, this last week has been lighter than usual on the mental stress.  Not sure if I’ll pay for that later, but it has been a nice change for these last few days.  We’ll see if I can carry it with me into the weekend.

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