Classroom Nostalgia

Currently in class we are talking about logical fallacies, the mistakes that people tend to make when arguing about any given topic.  While the lessons are a bit long, I quite enjoy them.  One thing this last year has hit home, though, is that many of my examples are a bit too old to make clear sense to many of my students.  It did lead to a bit of a nostalgic q&a in one class, which was fun to make room for.  It definitely made me a bit nostalgic for earlier times, knowing that they weren’t perfect but that there was something about a more common culture that we could rely on to bridge some distance.

Yesterday I shared a clip of Tennant and Tate doing a scene from Much Ado About Nothing.  This evening the following clip popped up on my YouTube homepage.  Perhaps I’ve seen it before, I can’t quite remember.  But it’s a breath of fresh air from the past.  And funny to boot.  It goes exactly where you think it might but surely wouldn’t.  Heh.

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