The Week Looking Back

The big news of the week was this:

Tales from the Folly

I’ve known for a while that Aaronovitch had written a number of shorter pieces for the continuing saga of Peter Grant and friends.  I’d even tracked a few of them down online.  But now it looks like we’ll be getting a collection of eleven short stories along with connective tissue by Aaronovitch himself.  If the summer has to come to an end, this is a nice way to say goodbye.  Sure, it’s digital-only at this point.  But it’s something.  And short pieces are always welcome (I particularly liked the most recent Rivers novella).  The collection drops at the end of the month.

+ + + + + + +

It was a good week in television.  (See, I can go a whole work week without showing clips of a television show!)  Stargirl gets closer and closer to the season one finale.  It looks like (almost) every card is on the table now that Courtney’s mom is “in the know.”  Here’s the super-short clip for the next episode.

Agents of SHIELD continues it messy trip down the timestream . . . messy as in “messing things up at every turn.  This week’s episode was interesting as it gave most of the episode to Yo-Yo and May.  Plus we got to see some of the earlier days of the Inhumans, which is cool if you’d just finished rewatching season two.  Here’s the trailer for next week’s episode, which goes all Groundhog Day for Daisy.

Again, another risk, as it could easily look like “spinning wheels” before the big, final action of the series.  But we’ll see what gets messed up next.

The other fun thing from television this week was the one-off reunion of the cast of 30 Rock.  Kind of a surprising choice for a reunion, I think, but I think it worked well.  It’s a very different show from Parks and Recreation, which did a reunion episode earlier in Our Current Moment.  That one felt a little rougher than necessary (but they were the first, so props for that).  It got good when it got sentimental.  30 Rock is anything but sentimental.  There were some great one lines and non sequiturs, which is really what the show was all about in the first place.  The show didn’t air here in Hawaii, so I had to watch it on the Peacock app (which is what they probably really wanted you to do in the first place).  It was, in essence, a 60-minute ad, but I feel the like it was worth it.  30 Rock is definitely an acquired taste, but it’s something that soars when it’s at its best.  Here’s a clip between Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy that is an almost-perfect continuation of seven seasons of witty banter.

I kind of like saving television stuff for Saturday.  It’s a good goal and reward.  Granted, it will dry up once the two regular shows still running wrap up.  But you do what you can while you can, I suppose.

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