Almost Break

We’re less than 24 hours away from fall break.  One more set of classes, one last round of grading, some slides to put together for when we return.  And that’s about it.  For the most part.  In general.

Because of the way that we rolled out the school year, we’re down to one week of fall break instead of two (we’ll get some time back at the end of the year).  But we’re also returning to full concurrent learning, which we’ve been preparing for but haven’t moved to fully yet.  So there will definitely be some prep-time involved,  which will be good for helping the second quarter move smoothly.

But I’m excited to have a few days away, too.  I’ve got a short stack of novels to read, a couple of theology books to finish, and hopefully some writing to do.  And sleep.  Some good sleep.  And since we’ve started to exit the most recent lockdown, some of my formerly-regular spots have opened back up, which will be nice.  Maybe I’ll even catch a movie (sans popcorn and soda).

It’s been a good quarter . . . it’s feels almost impossible to think that it’s over.  Time runs funny with online learning.  So there will definitely be some reflection on my part to figure out what things can look like moving forward.

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