For the Day (of the Fourth)

Today’s Frazz by Jef Mallett takes another nice artistic turn while also pointing out something interesting about today as a holiday.

fz180704I’m a few days away from my time at Laity Lodge.  I’ve got some initial plans to unpack some of what I learned and experienced.  That it was a good retreat goes without saying.   I’ll try and post a couple of more times this week and then a couple of times next week before settling into the routine again.  It’s funny, this morning I went out for coffee and a bagel and the opportunity to get some much-needed reading and writing done.  Hopefully that will get some of my discipline back on track for good habits.

If you look to the right, in the picture column, you’ll probably see some of my shots from the Lodge.  A truly beautiful place, has hot and stark as the landscape was at any given moment.  I’ve got some artsy black-and-white photos that I’ll post eventually, too.

(image from

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