Concerning Hurricane Lane

Today was one of those weird days where you are waiting and preparing for something that just hasn’t happened yet . . . and that can’t be undone once it’s happened.  I am writing, of course, of Hurricane Lane (which is an odd name for a storm, since it sounds more like “tornado alley” than a person’s name).  This morning was a mix of normal (tea and bagel for breakfast) and preparatory (tarps and sandbags and trying to make things safe from the wind).  I’m writing this at about 10:30 at night.  The wind finally picked up significantly about an hour ago and is still come-and-go.  We’re still a few hours away from rain.

Here’s a shot of the storm from the International Space Station from NASA on the 22nd.

Hurricane LaneTomorrow will be interesting.  I’ve got grading to do.  I’ve got a stack of books to work through.  And I imagine I’ll try to move around when possible.  Plus I’ve got a lot on my mind and heart because of the last few days of work.

Please pray for safety and a minimization of damage in the islands.  And please pray for those on other islands who have already experienced flooding, power outages, and heavy winds.

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