Beyond the Babel Moment

Mumford & Sons “Babel” moment feels like a million years ago: that sweet spot when Sigh No More was comfortable ensconced in the collective conscience and Babel took things to some kind of next level, banjo and all.  Now, on this side of Wilder Minds, we might have something of another good Mumford moment.  If “Guiding Light” is simply the tip of an iceberg, we’re at a  great place.  It’s just dense enough: an odd (but Mumford-normal?) mix of pseudo-religious phrases thrown together in blended and poured out with some musical sincerity.  Here’s a recent late-night performance of the song.

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1 Response to Beyond the Babel Moment

  1. Sara says:

    I was disappointed by songs like The Wolf and Monster. It lacked the same passion and spirit as their first two albums. One song that I hadn’t heard of until recently which I think you’ll enjoy is “There Will Be Time”

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