Sunday’s Best: The Lens of Loyalty

Today’s FoxTrot is a nice visual gag involving science and school.  It’s always good to see Paige get a good comeback.

Foxtrot LoyaltyToday is the first of March.  In like a lion a bit here in Honolulu.  Cloudy, windy, some rain in the air.  We’ve got two weeks of classes and meetings before spring break.  At this point, I’ll be staying on-island for the duration.

I accomplished a goal yesterday: posting a blog of some kind each day of February.  Granted, they got a little weak-sauce in the end, but still.  The heavier content posts have been rarer based on the level of busy thinking I might be doing at the time.  And the last couple of weeks have been like that.

My hope is to keep it up throughout March.  I still need to wrap up The Relational Pastor.  Plus I want to write some through Radner’s latest.  I also want to process some of what I’ve been learning over the last few months at school and through church.

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