Once More for SHIELD

These are interesting times for serial television.  Many shows still in production were shut down weeks ago for health concerns, which means those shows probably won’t get full seasons.  Case in point: The Flash will end the season three episodes early, which is good and bad because this season has been a slow burn and could use a good finale to tie things together.

May will bring with it the promise of a couple of comic book-themed shows.  Stargirl on the CW (but first the DC Universe app) looks promising and is packed with some relatively large names.  And then there’s Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, coming back for one final run.  The show left behinds hopes of real Marvel Cinematic Universe crossovers years ago, but it’s still managed to find a place that is both comfortable and envelope-pushing for the faithful viewer.  This time it looks like they’re going back in time.  Here’s what I’m assuming is the final main preview trailer, which spends a lot of time on the immediate threat and not much time at all on the regular cast.

I hope the series ends well.  They’ve done a great job of telling smaller stories over the last few seasons, often working in two or three major arcs that tie together while feeling stand-alone.  I imagine there will be some quality twists and turns as they have to (supposedly) save HYDRA.  We’ll see in just under a month.

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