Summer Saturday

Today was the first day to try for a more normal Saturday without school and with (hopefully) a restaurant or coffee shop to use for “landing.”  Yesterday I met a friend at Ala Moana Center in hopes that we would be able to sit and eat, but the common seating areas still aren’t open.  But I was able to walk into Barnes and Noble for the first time in two months, which was great.  But, alas, my regular breakfast place wasn’t open for seating either.  Turns out that lots of places still aren’t opening up just yet, which is understandable.

So today I thought I’d give it another try.  Found a great place for breakfast: Liliha Bakery.  It was my first full meal out in two months, and it was great.  It was nice to sit and read and write a bit, too.  Then I ran some errands before making my way home for the rest of the warm and slightly wet afternoon and evening.

The next few days will be interesting as I try to get some bearings for post-semester life.  I’m hoping a few more downtown spots will be open next week.  The big one will be Zippy’s, which is holding off just a little bit longer before opening up tables.  I’ve got some reading and writing to do over the next few days (that I’ll write more about soon), so having some travel-around-town options would be nice.  Tomorrow is back to church for the first time in two months.  We’re running two socially-distanced services.  It will be interesting.

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