The Problem with Perfect

There’s this moment in every season of Big Brother where they have a “double-eviction” night.  They basically run two weeks of game play in one evening.  From an audience perspective, it’s intense.  From a player’s perspective?  I can’t imagine.

We normally have two weeks for our breaks.  It’s one of the benefits of a modified year-round school year.  Because of Covid and our need for more professional development, we’ve had to rearrange the schedule some, which means only one week (and one day) of fall break.  I’m grateful for whatever we can get.  But there’s also this sense of trying to pack two weeks into one.  Granted, I don’t do well with vacations-sans-travel anyway, so I’m still trying to figure out how to parse out the time while also wrapping one cycle of things up and revving up another.

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Here’s a recent Frazz that’s a nice mix of things, including an attempt at making patience look like the rapid-response solution.  Patience is often a fun thing to bring into the comics, as it’s something that just a few panels of story don’t have much room for.

Frazz Quick to Answer(image from

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