On a Break

So I inadvertently took a break from posting for most of last week.  Last Wednesday was packed.  Classes, meetings, mainland phone calls, groceries, yard work, helping move furniture: by the time I was done with the day, posting an entry was the farthest thing from my mind.  When I realized it the next day, I felt a bit of relief (and a bit of sadness).  I also felt like taking another day or two away from the site.  It’s been too many comics and YouTube clips, I’m afraid.  So I’m hoping the rest did me some good.  We’ll see over the next week or so (thought the comics and the videos will still be there).

Habits and routines have been difficult for me lately.  Too often they are done in rush in a void, so they don’t have as much root as I would like and they aren’t tied to the fruit that comes from community.  I think about that kind of stuff all of the time, especially on days where I want to be with people talking about a Christian life that isn’t just habits and routines but are real “habitations of the Spirit.”  This is going to come to a head for me at some point, I think.

I’ve got a few weeks “off” from chapel, though I’m still prepping short videos and slides to go with things.  I’ll have a two-week window between Thanksgiving and Christmas chapels to plan for.  Part of me wants to do a short sequel to the “Cultivating Friendship” series from earlier in the semester.  We’ll see.  We have a number of other activities kicking in over the next few weeks, so I need to plan wisely.  Beyond that, class will be interesting because we’ve got group presentations to run (and all while concurrent!).

A few days ago I finished Wright’s Broken Signposts.  I hope to write a few things about it over the next week or two.  There’s at least one thing that Wright does really well for me.  Reading has gotten really slow for me lately, and not because I’m being deliberate.  It’s almost like it can only happen on the weekends.  I’ve still got a ways to go to finish my reread of The Four Loves by Lewis.  I’ve also started Apollo’s Arrow by Nicholas Christakis.  It’s a book about Covid-19.  I don’t think it’s propaganda (though who can tell?).  I do know that I’m about 70 pages in and it’s totally fascinating.  As he recounts the events of late 2019-early 2020, it feels like I’m watching a movie. I’m also learning a lot.  Hopefully I can finish the book in good time.

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