Itinerant Itinerary

My day started yesterday around 4 in the morning with an email from Delta that my flight out of Nashville had been cancelled and that they had already rebooked me: later flight out of Nashville and then connections in the two airports I have spent years trying to avoid- ATL and LAX.  The trip to ATL is probably like those times it’s cheaper to fly to Maui before leaving the islands: it’s an airline hub thing.

So I drove to BNA just a little later, dropped of my rental car, and grabbed a chicken-biscuit at Chik-Fil-A and had my quiet time.  ATL wasn’t that bad: I only had to take the tram one terminal over.  The tricky part was that that flight was delayed by about an hour and a half, meaning that any lag time I would have had at LAX was shot.  And there’s always the threat that a late flight will get even later before they actually arrived.  God bless Delta.  The first customer service agent I talked to said that if I missed that LAX flight (the last to HNL for the night), they’d hotel me and book me the next day.  Which was not an option for me from a work  perspective.  So I found some (really cheap) tickets for a American flight, which took off some pressure.

The pressure kicked in, though, when I landed at LAX with just a few minutes to try and find my new gate.  The tricky part was that Delta had booked my last leg with Hawaiian, which flies out of a different terminal than the Delta flight to HNL at about the same time.  Small chaos ensued.  I ran some, bags in hand.  And I got to the departure gate hearing my name over the loudspeaker with the warning of “last call.”  But I made it.

The only tricky part at that point was that I didn’t have a chance to pre-check with my HNL QR code (we still require quarantine for those without negative Covid tests or proof of vaccination).  So had I didn’t have the wrist-band that makes getting out of the airport easy.  But the process after landing wasn’t too bad at all.  Plus we landed at one of the recently-refurbished parts of the airport.  It was really nice and good to see.

So not a bad travel day.  Not my best, but also not my worst (here’s looking at you, summer storms and SFO).  The highlight was a quick conversation with a priest in ATL.  He humored some questions I had about the rhythms of life.  Gave me a couple of good book suggestions, which I’m always grateful for.

It’s rainy and overcast here in HNL.  Seems like it’s been that way a good bit lately, which is to be expected.  Covid numbers remain high here and everywhere else.  These next few weeks will be interesting.  I’ve got a few more days before school starts back.  This whole trip has been a reminder that life happens, that you try to be with family even during things like a pandemic, that you acknowledge that some things are beyond anyone’s control.  You try to be responsible and you pray for the best.  Such an interesting way for this year to come to a close.

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