25 and Counting

Today I woke to the news that Caedmon’s Call was re-recording their self-titled debut album.  I’ve been a fan of their since that album (though a little later than others).  About five years ago, I went on a bit of a spree to grab whatever hard copies of the music as I could.  Came up with a lot, but not everything.

So they are re-recording that first album, which is an interesting move for a band that hasn’t done much for some time.  I’m glad to support musicians that have been influential to me, even years after their newest work.  Plus, with the Kickstarter program they’re running, I’m finally able to grab some digital copies of some music that has eluded me.

A little while ago I checked out YouTube because you never know what might get posted from the musical past.  Turns out someone had just posted some clips from 2008, back with Andrew Osenga (one of my long-time favorites) was playing with the band.  This is the kind of stuff that YouTube was made for (in my humble opinion).  Gold in the rough, a grainy but glorious reminder of a truly different time.

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