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Like Leaving the Piano in Ohio

Douglas Coupland prefaces Bit Rot, his most recent collection of essays and stories, with this: When the pioneers crossed North America from east to west, the first thing to be thrown off the family Conestoga wagon was the piano, somewhere … Continue reading

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Reaching 42

The coolest thing about 41 is that it’s a prime number.  The coolest thing about turning 41 was that I had a good weekend with a great overlap of the sacred and the ordinary (Holy Week and a good weekend) with … Continue reading

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The Silence of Holy Saturday

It’s been an interesting Holy Saturday.  Here a few hours out from the turn of Saturday into Sunday, I’m mindful of the strange silence of the day in the biblical story.  On Thursday, before the break of Good Friday, my … Continue reading

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It’s the Ninth Inning, Charlie Brown

Today’s classic Peanuts from Charles Schulz gets it right again.  Regardless of the issue, it can always feel like the ninth inning. (image from

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Sunday’s Best: Frazz and the Prescient Pronouncement

There’s something so imminently true about today’s Frazz comic that its eery and a bit discomfiting. (image from

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The Basic Question of the Benedict Option

I finished Rod Dreher’s The Benedict Option.  As a friend recently said: if you’ve been reading Dreher’s blog for a while, you totally know what you’re getting in this book.  The only thing that really stood out from the book-version … Continue reading

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Dovetailing Dreher and Smith

The last couple of weeks have brought a number of reactions to Rod Dreher’s eagerly-awaited book on conservative Christians in contemporary culture, The Benedict Option.  For many, it’s been an interesting litmus test for where particular “personalities” in the Christian … Continue reading

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