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Unclosed Loop: U2’s Songs of Experience

I’ve been meaning to get something a little more substantial down concerning U2’s most recent release, Songs of Experience.  It’s been a rough semester for U2 in my classroom.  Each fall for the last few years I’ve played “When I … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Best: Lucy and Looking Back

Today’s classic Peanuts and Calvin and Hobbes strips are perfect examples of what makes each one special.   In the classic Peanuts strip, Charlie Brown starts off as quite the optimist: the new year will be his “year of decision.” … Continue reading

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Unclosed Loops: Life in the Digital Age

Earlier in the year, I had high hopes for “reading along” with Alan Jacobs’s “Living and Thinking in the Digital Age” course at Baylor.  I got through a number of the initial handouts and articles (and even purchased and started … Continue reading

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Closed on Account of Prettiness?

Well, if that happened to be the metric, I wouldn’t be at school much at all, Calvin . . . Speaking of the weather, it’s been a cold few days here in Tennessee.  We’ve had flurries a couple of times: … Continue reading

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A Typology of Christmas

There is a sense for many, I believe, that Christmas is a temporal type for the rest of the year, a finite kind of time that can be found elsewhere throughout the calendar even if not by name.  Shop, travel, … Continue reading

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Advent and the Clash of Calendars

Today marks the beginning of the Advent season which, in turn, marks the beginning of what is known as the church calendar.  That church calendar is not much of a Baptist thing, is something kept and nurtured by more liturgical … Continue reading

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Fall Retreat and Advance

I have to admit, this quick Canadian getaway has been enjoyable.  I’d like to think of it as both a retreat and advance: looking back and moving forward.  It’s been a good opportunity to enjoy a beautiful place while still … Continue reading

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