Temporary Vocational Stretch Update

The 2016-2017 winds down this week.  It doesn’t quite feel like it, though.  Instead, things are kind of heating up.  These last few weeks of the semester have been a blur.  Lots of cool moments: baccalaureate, the yearbook dedication (what?!), wrapping  up a great semester with seniors.  A few weeks ago, though, I also signed up for what I am calling my “temporary vocational stretch,” something I mentioned somewhat vaguely here.  Good thing that I was able to wrap up class with the seniors, because this new temporary venture has consumed a good bit of thought and time.

For the next semester, I will be serving as my school’s chapel coordinator.  Beyond that, I’ll be chairing a committee of people working through some transition at our school as we rethink some of the faith-focused aspects of our school’s mission.  It’s been a good challenge so far, particularly as it is pushing me in areas of weakness (like paperwork and organization skills).  I am fortunate to be surrounded by a great team with a real sense of mission.

So you might be seeing a few more posts about topics like worship and Bible study and such.  No guarantees.  After a hot streak of posts last week, this week has been kind of bare because of circumstance.  Things will hopefully pick back up over the weekend.

So yeah.  That’s my “temporary vocational stretch” update.  More as it happens, particularly as the new school year gets closer.

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