Temporary Vocational Stretch

Moleskine ProfessionalBecause of changes and restructuring at work, I’ll be taking a temporary vocational stretch in the fall.  The conversation has been mostly in-house at this point, which is fine by me.  It will require me to work on some of my weaknesses, for sure.  I’ve been blessed over the last few years with being able to set good things in place that don’t need much tweaking.  That won’t be the case for the next semester.  I’ll still spend a majority of my time in the classroom, but there will be a lot more meeting and planning with things beyond my comfort zone.  (I think my year-end meeting count has doubled, if not tripled.)  This weekend I even bought a paper planner.  One that has multiple sections for each page (and each page represents one day).  This is no small thing for me!

There are moments where I get a little panicky.  Well, panicky isn’t the right word.  I just feel the weight of it, I suppose.  I am hopeful.  But I also feel saddled with stuff.  I am very aware of the build-up of stuff over time, like plaque on your teeth, and the care needed to remove the build-up and bring some kind of healing.  That kind of accumulation is often my greatest complaint with any given system.  Systems, often, don’t know how to take care of those build-ups as they happen.

So here’s to praying and planning and striving to understand and act in good and healthy ways.  I imagine that I’ll share more about it as the summer progresses.  I have the feeling that I’ll be learning a lot.

(image from officesupplygeek.com)

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