Fall Retreat and Advance

img_0722I have to admit, this quick Canadian getaway has been enjoyable.  I’d like to think of it as both a retreat and advance: looking back and moving forward.  It’s been a good opportunity to enjoy a beautiful place while still taking some time to reflect on times past.  The weather, though a bit chilly, has held up nicely.  The food has been great (even got some turkey and dressing on Thanksgiving night; had British afternoon tea today).  Today I took some time getting all turned around in Beacon Hill Park, which is right across the way from where I’m staying.

I’m hoping to do more of the same tomorrow while also working in a movie and some fish-and-chips.  I’m also hoping to sleep in a bit (last night I got about 9 hours of sleep, more than I’ve gotten in a long time), which the cold weather helps (I’d like to think).  It’s been good having limited internet (only when in-room or at a coffeeshop, really). And since there’s nothing new on TV, that time-suck hasn’t been an issue.

Time will tell (sooner rather than later) if this excursion sets me up to end the semester well or puts me behind and out-of-rhythm.  I’m hoping for the former more than the latter.  Either way, this has been a good getaway.


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