Comics and Books

Saw a bit of a theme in a couple of recent classic comic strips. We’ll start with this recent Peanuts strip:


I can imagine a friend or two of my own saying something similar (sans kiss). Just glad to see someone reading, right?

And then here’s a recent “classic” Calvin and Hobbes strip with Calvin the Consumer demanding too much from his bedtime stories:


This weekend has been a pretty good book-buying trip for me. Found a Douglas Coupland book not published in the States as well as a Walt Simonson tpb whose existence I must have blocked out of my mind. Beyond that: a cool new edition of The Horse and His Boy that acknowledges the series original publishing order.

Have I read any of the books that I brought with me? Not so much. I’m still working through Awaiting the King. Plus I’ve been spending some time in Ephraim Radner’s Church, which is taking an interesting approach to understanding a concept we too easily take for granted.

(images from

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