Closed on Account of Prettiness?

Well, if that happened to be the metric, I wouldn’t be at school much at all, Calvin . . .

Prettiness ClosureSpeaking of the weather, it’s been a cold few days here in Tennessee.  We’ve had flurries a couple of times: once on Christmas Eve night and again on Wednesday morning.  Made for a nice moment, but the whole “not sticking” thing can inspire Calvin-levels of frustration.

But it has been pretty in its own wintery way.  Did some yard work earlier in the week that was good.  And the mornings have been beautiful.  But yeah: the cold wind gets you every time.  And while it’s going to warm up some over the next couple of days, it looks to get down into the single digits before I head back to the airport for Honolulu.

The days have been paced nicely.  Time for Scripture in the morning.  Still working through Mere Christianity.  I also just started Frederick Buechner’s The Remarkable Ordinary.  I spend more time than I ought on Twitter, but it’s a great source for end-of-year lists and commentaries.  I have, alas, been playing a lot of Plants vs. Zombies 2.  It’s the only app game that I keep going back to (and now that I have the “grapeshot” plant, there’s really not stopping me, right?).

So I’m still decompressing after this last semester.  Thinking about school some but probably not as much as I should (and there’s the rub).  No TV, though (besides a couple of hours of Doctor Who).  No movies, either.  Just lots of “being,” I guess.  “Being that I try to redirect into “praying,” which is always a good thing.

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