Album + Commentary = Amazing

Today’s visit with friends a good ways away allowed for some quality drive time.  Since my phone is weirdly set on “shuffle” mode (and because I am a firm believer in album’s and sequencing), I decided to listen through some whole albums (I think I already mentioned new albums from U2 and the Killers on that list).  The ride home was spent listening to the commentary version of Andrew Peterson’s The Burning Edge of Dawn album.  What a great treat it was, humbling and encouraging, to hear an artist I greatly respect share about the writing and album-making process . . . in particular with an album written over a short time from a deeply personal (and seemingly raw) place.

I thought I had posted all of the Andrew Peterson videos to be found on YouTube, but I might have missed this one.  It’s a performance of “Rejoice,” which is a significant turn in the flow of the album.  Forgive me if I’ve posted this before.  Regardless, it’s a great song.

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