Christmas Sing-Along with Shirley

I wish I had spent more time recently revisiting some of the “Christmas” episodes of some of my favorite shows.  I did watch the first Christmas episode of The Office before flying out for the holidays.  Early Michael Scott . . . such a difficult guy!  Another show that was known for its Christmas episodes was Community.  Granted, there was an irreverence there that could be frustrating.  But it also did a certain kind of social commentary well, particularly through the faithful but totally fallible Shirley.  Here’s a scene from the “glee club Christmas” episode, where the gang is recruited one-by-one to help with Greendale’s Christmas musical.

It’s still relatively early in Christmas break.  Lots of family stuff over the last couple of days.  Last night, of course, was the end of an era (or two) with the Doctor Who Christmas special.  Tomorrow I’ll spend time with some dear friends.  Today was some good yard work (and the winter sun helped quite a bit, as it’s definitely cold here and getting colder before I fly back).  I’m trying to get some reading done . . . and I’m trying to listen to the 2017 releases by The Killers and U2 while driving, which is the real test of an album.

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