Last Gasp Thursdays (or. . . That’s a Wrap Thursday)

THE TRADITIONAL TELEVISION VIEWING SEASON is all but over.  A handful of finales remain, but most are done.  It’s a long wait until Big Brother, my summer friend, shows up on CBS.  Until then, dissecting this past season of network television could be an interesting thing . . . if Andy Greenwald hadn’t already done it for us.

Greenwald has spent the last 8 months recapping NBC’s Thursday night line-up.  Each week he has ranked the shows based on news-worthiness.  Some weeks, of course, have been better than others.  This week, 30 Rock and Community both wrapped things up for the season.  Both shows will return in the fall with 13 new episodes but not without caveats.  30 Rock will end for good with that 13th episode.  Community will go 13 episodes without its main driving force, show-runner Dan Harmon.

Thursday night television has had a legacy of greatness for some time.  Greenwald’s wrap-up article puts things in some kind of context.   You can check out his Grantland-posted commentary here.  This could be the sound of a world ending long before anyone ever realizes it.

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