Being Mosby: Getting Out of the Pit

WHILE I AM MOST FOND of How I Met Your Mother comparison to LOST, some of its best moments show it a descendant of another show: Scrubs.  Somewhere along the way, mixed in with the flashes backwards, forwards, and sideways, Ted and friends started adding in imaginative vignettes much like JD’s daydreams in the hospital comedy.

Case in point: this week’s concept of “The Pit.”  This “pit” starts out as something you put others in.  Because of a past confrontation, Ted has put his professor in “the pit.”  Over the episode, though, it becomes clear that it’s not so much the other person being in the pit so much as you put yourself there.

Such flights of fancy go a long way in grounding the show, which deals with more “reality” than you might think at first glance.  And it makes for an interesting year-end thought: who have you put yourself in the pit over?  We may think we’re punishing someone else, but we’re really mostly punishing ourselves.  Like Ted, people like me tend to learn this the hard way.


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