30 Rock -30-

IT’S NOT OVER until Andy Greenwald writes about it.  At least that’s how I feel about NBC’s Thursday night comedy For most of 2012, Greenwald wrote about 30 Rock, The Office, Parks and Recreation, and Community; I shared many of his opinions on things.  So I knew that I wouldn’t be done thinking about Tina Fey’s seven-season series until I read what he had to say.  He posted it during the day Friday, and it is everything I’d hoped it would be.  Full of Wikipedia and YouTube links, Greenwald’s autopsy of the show hits on some of the moments I liked best in the finale (and the series as a whole).  Money quote: Liz’s comment about the heart and the head while saying goodbye to Tracy.

I highly recommend you check out the article here.  And, just for old time’s sake, below is an extended clip from the finale.

And in case you weren’t near the internet when the finale aired, here‘s the video clip that Jack mentioned.  Heh.

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