Lie Detective

I was afraid that this Sunday’s second episode of Sherlock was going to suffer from being too interior, too cerebral.  It happens every now and then (particularly with Doctor Who, really), an episode where nothing much happens that isn’t all mind games.  I can’t help but think of the “Hounds of Baskerville” episode from 2012.  Too much depended on the psychological for me to really enjoy things.

But “The Lying Detective” came through in a way that moved things forward (and thus to their end) quite well.  I was surprised to see Mary being there, but that was fine.  It added a nice touch along with a reminder that grief can be a long process.

Here’s the trailer for the final episode of the fourth series, what could be the final episode for Sherlock for a long, long time.

I do feel like this series has been a kind of abbreviated “greatest hits” album of a run.  The stories have been intricate.  The principal character work has been phenomenal.  The cast beyond the main three has been just present enough.  So it will be interesting to see how everything weaves together . . . particularly as many members of the crew think that “The Final Problem” is their best  episode ever.

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