Last night’s Agents of SHIELD made the move from supernatural thriller (with Ghost Rider) to technological apocalypse (with the concept of the Life Model Decoy).  As many critics have noticed, it was an almost-seamless transition, which is a good thing.  Last season, I felt like the first half was full of great set-up and tension that wasn’t resolved as well as I’d hoped in the second half.  And while the Ghost Rider storylines was decent (quite well-done for a supernatural/comic book story on TV), I’m hoping that this season’s back-half picks up the pace and pushes things forward.  Here’s the trailer for  next Tuesday’s episode.

A number of long-term plot threads are moving forward well.  That includes the Inhumans thread, which hasn’t paid off as well as I’d hoped.  Maybe the revelations about the new SHIELD director will move things forward there.

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