Back into the Speed Force

The last time we spent an episode of The Flash in the Speed Force, we had Kevin Smith guiding the journey.  Granted, I wasn’t all that impressed with “The Runaway Dinosaur.”  I haven’t really taken to the idea of the Speed Force being a destination in itself.  But that’s what we’re getting in next week’s “Into the Speed Force” episode.  Here’s the promo:

Things are finally starting to move forward in a good direction for this season.  Granted, it comes at the cost of seeing Barry make one stupid decision after another, but that’s okay in the long run.  The question of the “traitor” seems to have been answered, but I’m not so sure about that.  I still think that the season will end on with a reset . . . there’s been too much talk of “Flashpoint” for things to be set for good.  Even still: next week the Speed Force and the next a musical episode.

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