Springing Forward

The Flash on the CW begins its final sprint to its third-season finish line tomorrow night. The folks at the CW were kind enough to put together a simple “recap” video to refresh viewers’ memories.

Seems to me that you’ve got three things going on here.  (1) Savitar and the predicted death of Iris West.  (2) Killer Frost on the loose. (3) Abra Kadabra, who I think has a much larger role to play, particularly when it comes to “HG.”   The thing not referenced in the recap: the Flashpoint timeline.

Word on the street is that the season will end with a cliffhanger.  I hope it doesn’t involve the fate of Iris.  It would be nice for it to be something bigger, something cosmic, yet something that doesn’t necessarily involve a villainous speedster.  Looks like we’ll find out soon enough.

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