Flash in the Darkest Timeline

This week The Flash spent most of the episode in “the darkest timeline,” with long-haired Barry Allen and all.  It was, perhaps, one of the better episodes in more recent memory.  In an attempt to learn the identity of big bad Savitar (and thus get the upper hand), Barry traveled into the future only to find Team Flash utterly fallen apart.  The “getting the band back together” vibe worked well for the episode, even reminding the audience of what has often been best about the characters’ interactions.

The episode’s big tease, of course, was the almost-reveal of Savitar’s identity.  Obviously it’s someone that evil Killer Frost has no problem following.  Lots of viewers are thinking Ronnie Raymond.  Maybe.  Or maybe it’s a version of Hunter Solomon or even (a version of) Jay Garrick.

Here’s the extended trailer for next week’s episode, where the identity of Savitar is revealed.

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