Leslie Knope and the Tourist

Last weekend I spent some time in my classroom trying to catch up in hopes of getting ahead.  To help with this, I put Parks and Recreation season two in the DVD player.  The show is immensely re-watchable.  I haven’t really spent much time with season two since it aired, though.  I vaguely remember the show not being that funny until Chris Traeger and Ben Wyatt arrive.  So it’s been nice to find that the show’s second season actually holds up quite well.  There are a lot of nice moments in the season, including the budding relationship between April and Andy.

In the episode I just finished, unflappable Leslie Knope starts to see something unexpected in Justin Anderson, the guy she’s dating.  This moment between Leslie and Ron Swanson doesn’t just epitomize the quality of their friendship, it says something significant about the people we surround ourselves with.


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