“SHIELD in Space” Continues

Of course, it should also be “SHIELD in the Future,” as the barely-hanging-on series continues its brilliant fifth season.  Here’s a scene from last week’s Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.  It brings Daisy and Jemma back together.  It’s also a “follow-up” moment to the conversation that Fitz thought he was having with Jemma at the beginning of the episode.

By episode’s end, the gang is almost all back together.  Agent May has been exiled to the surface.  Coulson and friends are trying to help a new Inhuman.  Fitz, Simmons, and Daisy are together but on the run.

If nothing else, this show does a great job of putting its main cast in crazy situations against unbeatable odds.  That they’ve survived this long is quite the miracle.  Here’s the trailer for this Friday’s new episode.

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