Flashtime Friday Night

A few thoughts on this week’s all-new episode of The Flash, “Enter Flashtime.”

  1.  The episode started with a pan across one of the dry-erase boards in STAR Labs that included “3X2(9YZ)4A,” the formula that the comic book character Johnny Quick uses to achieve great speed (and that the comic book Wally West uses to enter “Flashtime” in the classic comic I mentioned a few days ago).
  2. A location named “Waid Airfield” was mentioned early in the episode.  (Mark) Waid was the writer who reinvigorated The Flash for DC Comics back in the 90s, helping Wally West grow out of the “shadow” of Barry Allen, his mentor (and the writer of the aforementioned classic comic).
  3. The episode is one of the best of the season, probably one of the best of the last three seasons.  It doesn’t rely heavily on the season’s “Thinker” through-line.  It’s also a great “showcase” for most of the cast, as the Flash has to bring each into “Flashtime” at different points in hopes of stopping the nuclear explosion.

Here’s  clip from early in the episode, when Barry first enters “Flashtime.”

And here’s the trailer for next week’s episode, “Run, Iris, Run.”

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