Run, Barry, Run (2018 Edition)

The Flash returned with new episodes last night.  And while it definitely had a “villain-of-the-week” vibe (as is often the case with superhero shows), it also had some nice, not-so-subtle moments that moved the story forward in interesting directions.  Marlize DeVoe is being used by the Thinker without her knowing/remembering.  Harry activates Gideon for the first time in a good while (and ever in this incarnation?).  And then Cisco gets an opportunity to leave Team Flash for potentially greener pastures.  And all while the season begins its final sprint to the end.  Here’s the preview for next week’s episode:

All in all, it’s been a good season from my perspective.  Sure, there’s been that “villain-of-the-week” vibe, but at least there’s a throughline that doesn’t involve an evil speedster.  And there’s definitely more humor at play than last season (even with Dibney taking it a bit too far here and there).  Sure, this preview looks pretty bleak, but I’m hopeful that Team Flash can keep the better direction of the season to the end.

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