Season’s Endings

The spring season of television is coming to an end.  You can always tell because of the big Survivor finale, which is next Wednesday.  Tonight Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD came to a fifth season conclusion titled “The End” (just in case the show didn’t get a last-minute renewal).  And it was a wild ride that ended with a tear-jerker moment.  While the show hasn’t always delivered the “big moments” that fans have come to expect from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it has been a consistent effort with a great cast that has found themselves in a multitude of amazing situations over five seasons.  Which is part of what made tonight’s episode so sad to watch.

The only other show that needs a season’s wrapping at this point is The Flash.  It’s fourth season will come to an end on Tuesday.  The show has done a great job of staying away from Speed Force villains, which has been nice.  And while the last couple of episodes have felt a little like treading water, the season has had a mostly-engaging through-line with some nice twists.  Here’s the trailer for that season finale.

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