The Problem with Technology (or the problem with us)

I’m still slowly making my way through Jaron Lanier’s book on social media.  At the same time, I’m revisiting the fourth season of The Office, which many people seem to consider the show’s best season.  It’s interesting to see how far technology has come even since that season, in particular the episode where Michael uses GPS to get directions for one last visit to a recently-lost client.  It’s a funny picture of our awkwardness with technology (with Dwight serving as the frustrating reminder that sometimes common sense just needs to prevail).

The whole tension of the season’s beginning revolves around the introduction of a more efficient Dunder-Mifflin website, which allows for more efficient ordering.  It also pushes out those who had previously done that job with personality and a little panache.  That’s something still relevant for our time.

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