The Hunger and the Hope

This past Sunday I found myself really wanting to watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  While I enjoyed it as a theatrical release, it hasn’t really aged well on the home-player.  Something about the whole Canto Bight subplot is just a real turn-off for me.  But the Luke and Rey stuff: that’s why I enjoyed the movie so much.  Consider this quick conversation:

So many interesting little things to unpack from this scene.

+ + + + + + +

Last week I was getting a ride with a friend to pick up my car, which had been in the shop that morning.  As is often the case, we spoke a lot about our work and how the Christian faith is felt (or not felt) in the broader school community.  It can be easy to sense that there’s just not much hunger “out there” for spiritual things.  There are many reasons for this, I’m sure.  But I’m also sure that I myself am hungry.  The only problem is that at this point in time, I should be more Luke than Rey.

Which is part of what makes Luke such an interesting figure in The Last Jedi.  He’s jaded, has experienced the worst, has turned off his connection to what made life vibrant.  And at this point, he wants to “save” Rey from such an existence, knowing how bad it could actually get for her . . . and for those she loves.

The conversation has some nice, unexpected humor.  And it gives you a sense of the hunger and the hope that hovers around a world held together, revealed by, the Force.  And how rare, really, that Rey “woke up” in the first place.

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