Caution: Mulligan Necessary

You know how I mentioned that it can take some time to move from “school mode” to “spring break mode”? Well, that was especially true today, most likely because of the rainy weather and the clouds of world and local news.  Sunday night was for a former student’s wedding reception (a great time).  Then I made my way to the neighbors’ to win a game of hand-and-foot.  I slept in as much as I could before making what could be a final trip to Ala Moana for a while.  Did some reading, had an almost-normal breakfast, and ran some errands around the area.  Made a second trip in the afternoon, this time downtown for some lamb kebabs and a quick WalMart run.  Then it was home to eat and play some dominoes.  Even still, I got nowhere near done what I had hoped.  Which is why tomorrow will hopefully be something of a mulligan day for me.

The unexpected news of the day came when I learned that the Killers have a new album dropping in May and that the first single, “Caution.”  Here’s the “visualizer video” for the song.  The song lines up with some of the best of the band (“Dustland Fairytale” and most of Battle Born for me).  The album is titled Imploding the Mirage.

Praying for a better day for everyone tomorrow.  So many balls in the air, so many different scenarios at play.  And that’s just things on an interpersonal level.  There are so many pictures needing to be framed, all of them significant, just some more than others.

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