“All Shall Be Well”

Today was a little more productive than yesterday.  It started with a neighborhood walk (which was good because most of the rest of the day brought rain). Then I made my way to the classroom to get ready for the next few weeks.  After spring break, we’ll be going “online” for at least two weeks, which means I need to get some paperwork taken care of and some prep done before getting to the actual “real” prep.  The evening was spent eating a wonderful dinner with neighbors in honor of Saint Patrick before playing with dominoes (which is not the same as “playing dominoes.”)

After years of never quite lining up with the necessary timing, I was able to “attend” one of the “Local Shows” sponsored by Andrew Peterson and the Rabbit Room.  They live-streamed a show from four different locations, with each “act” performing about four songs.  Here’s the first song from Andrew, recorded at another concert, “All Shall Be Well.”  An appropriate song for the big picture and our current moment.

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