Lighting a Candle

Last week I mentioned Andrew Peterson’s Local Show as going live and online in light of Our Current Moment.  A number of other artists have also gone online to share things with followers and fans.  Today, and just in time, I learned about Andy Gullahorn and Jill Phillips doing some “shows” throughout the week.  I’ve been a fan of both for some time (even saw Phillips years ago at a free concert in Texas), so it’s neat to see them live and online.

Here’s a pre-recorded version of a song from Gullahorn’s latest album, “Light a Candle” from Everything As It Should Be.  The couple sang the song near the end of this afternoon’s set (and right before Phillips’ “I Am”).  It also features Gabe Scott and Andrew Osenga (another long-time favorite).

We’re about thirty minutes from starting a stay-at-home lockdown here in Honolulu.  The rest of the state will join in after midnight Wednesday morning.  Beyond one dermatology appointment on Wednesday, it could be a good number of days before I head out of the neighborhood.  Either way, we plan on starting online learning next week.  It’s an interesting and unimaginable juxtaposition of things.

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