Ten Years Moved On

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the series finale of LOST.  It’s been a few years since I watched the show the whole way through, but I drop in to particular episodes or moments from time to time.  In honor of the day, the folks at The Ringer put together a list of things to learn from the finale, which has been quite the controversial episode since it aired (my own viewing group was definitely mixed on how the show ended).  It’s still one of my favorite endings to a series.  My favorite scene no longer has a clear clip to show (It’s the one where Desmond tells Jack that what happens in one world doesn’t really matter because there’s another, better world.  Jack retorts: everything matters, there are no do-overs.)  But here’s a clip with two of the central figures, Jack and Locke, in the flash sideways after Jack performs surgery on Locke.

If nothing else, the finale does a masterful job of working flashbacks into the story, something that often feels contrived in other shows that have tried.

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