Remembering Places and Times

I have to say, as nice as it has been to find a cafe or restaurant to sit and read some, it’s been the return of background music.  Over the last few months, I haven’t listened to music much accept in the apartment, so it’s been nice to revisit songs that have been around for a long time and will most likely still get airtime in restaurants and shops for years to come.  It’s almost allows for a subtle twist in the time stream.  Some songs, of course, do it more than others.  And I find the gap between now and the most recent “then” continues to widen.  But I recently came across an over-a-decade old favorite that was recently performed “live” by the original artist.  It’s a great karaoke song, which is another thing that we won’t be doing anytime soon, I suppose.  Like a comment under the video, it’s nice to go back to 2004-2006, when this song was everywhere.  Almost as if Keane was planting a mindworm for fans with “Somewhere Only We Know” as “anywhere this song gets played.”

I remember it also being a lot of fun to play on the piano.

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